National Childcare Scheme

There are two types of subsidies available under the National Childcare Scheme:

Universal subsidies are available to all families with children between 24 weeks and 15 years of age. This subsidy is not means tested and provides €1.40 per hour towards the cost of a registered childcare place for a maximum of 45 hours per week.

Income Assessed Subsidies are available to families with children aged between 24 weeks and 15 years. This subsidy is means tested and will be calculated based on your individual circumstances (to apply for an Income Assessed subsidy, your reckonable family income must be less than €60,000 per year). Your rate will vary depending on your level of family income, your child’s age and educational stage, and the number of children in your family.

To apply for the National Childcare Scheme you must have a Public Service card and MyGov ID account. We recommend that you log onto the NCS website and complete the necessary steps so you can receive a Chick code. This is the code you will provide to Bumblebees, where we can continue the process.

Please note the NCS funding cannot be backdated so it is important you start the process early.  For more information on the National Childcare Scheme please visit:

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